Individual Lessons:

Private lessons are available by arrangement. I normally find that 45 minute sessions work best but this can be varied depending on the horse and rider combination. However, in some situations it may be feasible to arrange semi-private sessions. The in-hand sessions are based on a 30min basis.

Private session: £35.00 for 45 minutes
Semi-private session: £25.00 each for 45 minutes based on 2 riders sharing
In-hand session: £25.00 for 30 minutes

Travel is 40p per mile when the lesson is outside of a 10 mile radius of home unless I can link people together.

Cancellation Policy:
I never like to be too formal with my work but as I am getting busier and busier I do need to make sure that if someone cannot make a session then it is either offered to someone on the waiting list or a cancellation fee is payable.

Cancellation within 48 hours of the booked lesson: Full session price to be paid.

Methods of payment: Cash or cheque on the day. Payment for lessons by bank transfer is available. This should however, be agreed before the lesson and payment is to be received into my account no later than 48 hours after the session. Failure to do this will forfeit this method of payment and revert to cash only payment for lessons.

Clinic prices may vary depending on the arena hire charge to be added to the cost. Contact me for individual details of prices, availability and bookings.

Bury Farm Equestrian Village is basically my base and this is where we keep RosieB. I am therefore available for individual lessons at Bury Farm, where we can book one of the 20m x 40m indoor arenas. For the individual sessions contact Simon to arrange a session.

Schooling Work

Simon schooling the horse is the same as a 45 minute private session at �35.00.

Working the horse on the lunge or in hand is regarded as a 30 minute session at �25.00.

All prices are to have travel added where applicable.


These are available by arrangement. I prefer to only teach private lessons as I believe that this allows me the best opportunity to work with the student.

I am currently teaching clinics in Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Cheshire, Warwickshire and in Ireland.

Please check the 'Clinics' page for dates.

Please e-mail Simon for further details and prices on the UK clinics.

Schooling Liveries:

I am now in a position where I can take schooling liveries in. They will come to Bury Farm where the care at the yard is excellent.

I will work the horse 4/5 times a week depending on the particular needs. This work can be ridden, in-hand double lunge / long reining or normal lunging. The plan can be adapted to suit the individual needs of the horse in question.

  • Bury Farm will provide a 7 day week part livery service.
  • I will school and care for the horse over and above this.
  • The horse has to come for a minimum of 7 days although there is no upper limit on the stay.
  • For short durations turn out may not be possible due to the sensible worming programme that Bury Farm employ.
  • The horse will have access to the horse walker on a daily basis
  • The horse will need to have 3rd party Insurance.
  • There will be a �50 deposit to Bury Farm refundable on leaving.

E-mail Simon for prices and availability.

Competing Horses:

I am happy to compete horses subject to a prior assessment. Fee is dependant on location.

Contact Simon.

Video Analysis:

If you have a video clearly showing your position and how you ride then why not send it to me for a personalised critique. Still photographs can sometimes give the wrong impression. I find it much easier to look at a video of someone riding in order to really give sound advice as to where they could improve both themselves and their horse.

The cost for this is �20.00 and includes the return of the tape plus a written analysis of both horse and rider.

If you are interested please e-mail Simon for further information.

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